Hand Tufted Woolen Rugs

Rugs are a beautiful addition to any place. But rugs are also a costly addition, especially handmade rugs. Generally when one says handmade rugs, it is the hand knotted rugs that one it referring to. Hand knotted rugs, as the name suggests, have knots that are tied off by hand. On the other hand, the hand tufted wools rugs from India we bring to you do not have any such knots to be tied off.

What this minute detail does is it saves the artisans a lot of their time, because tying off of each knot is an entire process of its own. What this minute detail does for you is it saves you a lot of money. Since the hand tufted wool rugs from India require comparatively less attention and time to make, we bring them to you for a price which is cheaper in comparison to hand-knotted woolen rugs. The beauty of them is the same.

So order a hand tufted wool rug from India with us right now and let it be the crown jewel of your d├ęcor, (while it also saves you a lot of money).