Hand Knotted Woolen Rugs

The quality of a rug depends highly on its manufacturing. Machine made rugs are uniform and smooth. All of them look almost similar in their texture and finish. On the other hand handmade rugs have individuality to them.

Each handmade rug we bring to you is made from scratch by hand, by artisans that are an integral part of a rich culture and tradition. In the making of such a rug they put in their hard-work, for days no end. They also put in the skills they learnt, probably from their ancestors. The designs that are used are ones that have probably been passed down from generations in their family. And with the intermingling of all this you get is a rug hand made especially for you.

A part of the rich tradition of rug making in India is the hand knotted wool rugs from India. These rugs are made out of wool, strands of thick and hoarse threads, that are intricately woven together to give you the best piece of art to put in the perfect place. Order one with us now and let it add grace to your world.