Rugs & Carpets

Rugs and Carpets made with Hand Spun wools of Italy and NewZealand in to old oriental designs of Persia from High Knots to low knots then the modern designs carefully knotted provides the customer with huge range.

What’s the first thing one do when one moves into a new house? One wants to make it look beautiful! One adorns it with the most beautiful and intricately crafted of materials. One would want to bring in the most beautifully crafted of the rugs available in the market, and hand made rugs from India fit that bill perfectly.

For a room that looks a little plane, adding a rug could give it the perfect mood elevation. This room could be ones living room, dining room, drawing room, or even ones bedroom. Choosing the right rug can make it look bright and beautiful, adding just the right amount of excitement to it. When it comes to choosing a rug, we bring you many options to choose from. The beauty that these hand tufted rugs from India bring in with them is unmatched entirely by any other alternatives available.

Within the selection of handmade rugs, we bring you have a vast variety of options as well. One could go for more warm and plain rugs, or one could go with fashion carpets that are more upbeat, and add more spunk to your décor. One could also choose hand tufted rugs from India that with them bring the grace and beauty of handy-work.

Our handmade rugs from India are made, as the name suggests, by hand. They are intricately designed and woven, each of their thread placed carefully into the combination by experienced hands, the art of which brings beauty beyond belief to the finished product. The designs used for these fashion carpets are usually traditional, that have been passed on from one generation of weavers to the next. So, with the product not only are you bringing in beauty into your house, you’re bringing in a piece of a beautiful tradition, adding it to your lineage.

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