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About Us

Rita International was established in the year 2010 to cater the ever-growing market of floor covering carpets and durries. The company, now a leading exporter of carpets uses only handloom, hand-woven and hand-knotted techniques of carpet design, providing customized products. Driven by the able leadership of Mr. Pankaj Shukla the organization endeavors to transform homes with its aesthetically appealing and durable range of products. A graduate in economics, Mr.Pankaj Shukla has guided the company to evolve itself for catering different, unique requirements of customers around the world.

Products designed by Rita International are prepared using environment friendly natural yarns and man-made fibers, ensuring that eco-conscious individuals can use it proudly. Reflecting exquisite craftsmanship, the company’s products are devoid of any kind of harmful dyes, chemicals and substances, making them safe for kids and those with allergies.

Carpets handcrafted by Rita International have a personal touch. From yarn spinning to dyeing, weaving, tufting, washing and final packaging, everything is done at their factories, reflecting care and love that goes into making their products.


Furnishings, whether in your home or office should be warmer, brighter, eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing. That’s why, our company’s philosophy is to design products that are sophisticated, innovative and designed to be durable. Our teams of craftsmen weave every piece with care, to ensure that your interiors are harmonized and holistic.

Our mission

Our aim is to provide services that are personalized and environment friendly. Proper care has been taken to produce each carpet with care, using only eco-friendly dyes and yarns for manufacturing purposes. Indian laws are followed and child labor is prohibited. So, when you invest on our products, you can rest assured that only the best practices have been used to design and market our products.


Rita International has a wide base of clients. As a leading manufacturer, Trader and Exporter we offer carpets, quilts and saris to fashion houses, interior décor companies, family owned retailers, large scale retailers and textile distributors from all over the world. We are also proud distributors of aganwadi cotton durries in Indian States, supplying products when requested by the Government of India.

So, when it comes to quality furnishings, trust Rita International. Browse through our range of products!